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latest news about how to solve black led display screen.

September 23, 2021

latest news about how to solve black led display screen.
latest news about how to solve black led display screen.

How to solve the black-led display?


It's a happy thing after we receive our led display from the supplier or local company. We can put all the advertising videos and pictures we want on our led display because it is ours now.


But after we makeup cabinets and connect all the cables and we also install the setup software on our computer, but the led display is black. How sad we are now! How to solve it? What can we do to let our led display light and work? Please follow my words.


Firstly, please check your power is on. There have an important thing, please note. If you want to buy a led display from or other countries, please tell the supplier your local voltage. You know Chinese is 220v, but some country is 110v. If your led screen use 220v power supply, your local power support 110v, your led screen will not work, because 110V power cannot support 220V power supplier work. Then you need to use a transformer to change 110v to 220v.

how to solve black led display screen.


Secondly, if power is ok, please check your sending card. There have two led lights in sending card, one green and one red. If the red light on, please reconnect the USB cable from the computer to the sending card. After it becomes green light flicker, sending card is ok now. You can use your computer setup your screen now.


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